Thinking - Fast and Slow
Daniel Kahneman
Contributed by Larisa Brooke
Chapter 20

The system disregards the validity of the availed evidence and skills possessed by creating an illusion. The work of System 1 is to form a simplified version of the world. Although it may not be the fault of experts, they have a hand in it. The chapter summarizes facts that people cannot forecast success accurately. System 1 also has an effect of stock-taking, where individuals make educated trials under considerable uncertainty. The illusions of a skilled person hinder him or her from accepting the substantive truth. The skill illusions supported by the existing professional culture and are meant to believe they are the chosen few who can conduct a tusk.


Professionals rock themselves in a cocoon of a sense of belonging that impairs their span of understanding scenarios. Their intuitions replace their sense of analyzing thing and making informed decisions as the code of conduct in the various professions demand. Their System 1 leads them to make false conclusions utilizing the past experiences. Intuitions form the basis of the forecast, and estimates based on hunches are usually incorrect and so optimistic.

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