To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 15

The next week, things seem better for Scout. Dill is staying for the summer, Jem agrees to assist them in repairing the tree house, she is in good terms with her aunt, and Dill has set another plan to lure out Boo. Sheriff Tate and a group of men, including Dr. Reynolds and Mr. Avery, come one day to inform Atticus that Robinson was being transferred to the county jail because it was dangerous for him to stay in the town jail a night before his trial. The reality of the case dawns on the family as Jem begins to worry about his father. The following evening Atticus leaves for the town after supper, and the three kids follow him sneakily. He camps out in front of the Maycomb jail as the kids watch from a distance. Cars arrive, and men empty out, looking for Robinson. Scout runs to Atticus and Jem, and Dill is forced to follow. A small struggle ensues, but Atticus refuses to let them through. When Scout identifies Walter Cunningham's father, he tells him to say hello to his son; and her innocent request eases the tension as the men drive away.


The Tom Robinson trial is increasingly becoming a reality in Jem and Scout’s lives. To this point, the issues with the trial have resulted into a few comments by classmates or neighbors, but the situation gets more serious with the trial nearing. The genuine concern that Atticus shows when he learns that Tom is being to Maycomb county jail makes Scout and Jem to see him in a new light. They begin to appreciate him for his kindness and humility, and not just for being their father. The incident at the jail shows the real strength of the Finch family. Jem, Scout and Atticus stand up and defend each other while relying on their personalities. Unlike the Finches, the members of the angry mob’s feelings have indistinguishable from one another. When Scout singles out Walter Cunningham Sr. and asks after his son, the mob feels mentally broken since one of them has been identified as an individual. The men who once felt strong as a group now feel vulnerable and ashamed as individuals.

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