To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee
Contributed by Sharon Fleming
Chapter 16

After the incident with the mob the previous night, the Finch home is very tense. Alexandra is upset the kids snuck out, while Atticus is glad they showed up. As the jury selection for the case begins, Atticus asks the kids to stay away from the courthouse that day. They are very curious because of the people passing their house to the courthouse. During the afternoon session, they stop to pick up Dill and head to the court house; where they find seats in ‘the Colored balcony.


The family bond of the Finches is revealed to be even stronger in chapter 16 when Atticus reveals that he protects his children, but they also protect him in a way. Even Dill feels the bond strongly, as indicated by his comment about deterring “a hundred folks with our bare hands” which illustrates his enthusiasm and loyalty to the Finches and that he does not yet possess the ability to examine and observe one’s own mental and emotional processes that Jem has. As the trial begins, Maycomb is revealed as a complex society full of prejudice; a symbol of the world at large.

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