Treasure Island
Robert Louis
Contributed by Sherie Debus
Chapter Summaries
Chapter Summaries Table
Chapter Summary
Chapters 1-3

Summary: Chapter I

A boy named Jim Hawkins is urged by Squire Trelawney, Dr. Livesay, and others to record in writing his s...

Chapters 4-6

Summary: Chapter IV

Jim informs his mother about the pirates’ plot to steal Billy’s sea chest. They both flee to a neig...

Chapters 7-12

Summary: Chapter VII

There is a delay in the preparations for the journey to Treasure Island. However, Jim is pleased to fi...

Chapters 13-15

Summary: Chapter XIII

The weather is sweltering when the ship approaches the island. The crew is clearly discontent and irr...

Chapters 16-21

Summary: Chapter XVI

At this point in the story, Dr. Livesay takes over the narration. He starts his story at the departure...

Chapters 22-24

Summary: Chapter XXII

Perceiving no additional signs of attack by the pirates, Smollett and his group enjoy a bit of leisur...

Chapters 25-27

Summary: Chapter XXV

When he hoists himself aboard the Hispaniola, Jim is taken aback to find no one on deck. Later, though...

Chapters 28-30

Summary: Chapter XXVIII

When Jim inadvertently enters the pirates’ camp, he discovers that there are only six pirates tha...

Chapters 18-Epilogue

Summary: Chapter XXXI

Silver thanks Jim for refraining from fleeing when Dr. Livesay urged him to do so and for saving his ...

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