Stephenie Meyer
Contributed by Sung Miele
Chapter 1

Bella considers her mortality and how she will die, as she confronts the relaxed hunter preparing to kill her. She takes some consolation in that she will die to protect someone she loves, even as the hunter approaches.


The book actually begins with an epigraph from the Book of Genesis in the Bible about the Tree of Knowledge. It is the warning God gives Adam and Eve against tasting the fruit from the tree or else they will die. This feeds into the actual Preface, which shows action at the novel’s climax, where Bella is indeed risking her life. However, suspense is created because we do not know the specifics of this situation: where she is, who the hunter is, who she is protecting, and how she got to this situation in the first place. Thus, the reader will feel more compelled to read to find out these answers.

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