Stephenie Meyer
Contributed by Sung Miele
Chapter 22

Bella wakes and finds Jasper looking over Alice’s shoulder: James has returned to the room with the VCR and it’s light now, so she’s sketching it out. Bella recognizes it as her mother’s house. Alice calls Edward, while Jasper touches Bella to use his powers to help calm her down. Bella speaks to Edward, who says he and and Emmett and Carlisle are taking a flight from Seattle to meet up with her and take her somewhere safe, while Jasper and Alice will keep Renee safe. Bella begins to panic at how her loved ones are being threatened and Jasper tries to get her to sleep, but Bella refuses. Alice gets another call at 5:30 AM and tells Bella that Edward and the others will arrive at 9:45. Jasper is looking for a new place closer to Renee’s house. The phone rings again and Alice answers then gives it to Bella; she hears her mother’s voice calling her name and tries to calm her down. However, the next voice she hears isn’t Renee’s but James. He says he doesn’t want to hurt Renee and instructs Bella to speak as if still talking to her mother and to go into the other room. She obliges and James instructs her to get away from Alice and James - Bella decides that the airport would be a good place to do that. James then adds that she must go to her mother’s house and call the phone number she’ll find next to the phone. Bella agrees to all this, including the instruction to not make anyone suspicious.

She hangs up, and decides that she will surrender to James and hope he will no longer threaten Renee or Edward. Bella goes back to the other room, tells Alice a lie about talking to her mother. She then asks Alive if she could deliver a letter to her mother, leaving it at the house. Alice agrees and Bella goes to the bedroom to write a message to Edward, apologizing for the choice she made and pleading that he not chase after James any further. She seals the letter in an envelope and hopes he would understand.


Notice the way James demands that Bella continue to pretend she is talking to her mother in order to fool Alice. In this manner, his sudden power over Bella becomes an oppressive mockery of parental authority, something she hasn’t experienced much - after all, Renee is not a very mothering figure and Charlie has only begun as a full-time parent for her. Further, Bella’s parents’ lives are actually being threatened by the presence of James in her life, making this authority even more corrupt and evil.

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