Stephenie Meyer
Contributed by Sung Miele
Chapter 24

As Bella drifts, she dreams of being in dark water and almost rising to the surface, as well as a sharp pain in her upraised hand. Then she knows she is dead because she hears an angel calling her name. She then hears other noises and the angel’s voice calling for Carlisle while crying over Bella. She breaks through the dark pool and is struck by several kinds of strong pain. Edward is handling her while Carlisle tells him to watch out for the broken leg and ribs. As Carlisle starts to take care of her, Bella says her hand hurts and is burning. Carlisle sees that James had bitten her. Alice tells Edward he has to do something and Edward protests against it, then Carlisle suggests that Edward suck the venom back out. He’s not sure if it will work and Edward isn’t sure if he can do it, but Bella screams again and he proceeds. Edward proceeds to drain the venom from the wound and the fire in Bella’s hand disappears. Carlisle asks Bella where Renee is and she explains the ruse James pulled, then she tells Alice about the video which recounts how James knew where she came from. Bella smells gasoline and finally falls asleep.


There is an irony that Bella perceives a vampire as an angel, but this only proves how deep her love is for Edward. The venom left in Bella’s hand risks being James’ last legacy as a corrupted parental authority, as he could "father" yet another vampire. Edward opposes this, however, and establishes his own authority as Bella’s true love. In this manner - as well as his will to not feed completely off Bella - romantic love is powerful and even redemptive.

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