Unf*ck Yourself
Gary John Bishop
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
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Chapter 4

Gary John Bishop says that life is not perfect and that it will never be perfect. He talks about the times in life when one may feel down or defeated. He then gives examples of a person losing a job, partner filing for a divorce or having crushed the car. Sometimes the three issues may come at once and one may start giving up (Bishop 42). Sometimes the issues may be less serious like losing a favorite shirt, broken glasses, or not having enough sleep. Bishop says that the negative experiences rarely stay contained in one issue. Usually, they may begin as small issues but later spread into most parts of an individual’s life (Bishop 42). Such an occurrence will make a person’s life difficult, making him or her unhappy and irritated even by small issues such as a barking dog or traffic. The author provides a solution to such issues by saying that people need to shift how they view their problems and the world while adopting new, powerfully optimistic and grounded approaches (Bishop 43). Due to this, Bishop creates the assertion “I got this”.

Besides, the author also talks about putting problems in perspective. The writer uses a quote from Socrates that says, “If all our misfortunes were laid in one common heap whence everyone must           take an equal portion,  most people would be content to take their own and depart”  (Bishop 43). Gary Bishop reminds his audience that even in the ancient times, the times of people like Socrates, there were still problems. He also affirms that those people managed to deal with all the problems they faced despite that there was no modernity. It is clear that some of the people had worse problems than those faced by the people in the current world (Bishop 43). Apart from that, the writer tells his readers that other people around them also have problems, some worse than others. For this reason, he shares a tactic he uses on his clients where he tells them to look at their entire life. Through this process, an individual is able to see all the problems he or she has undergone, and the previously encountered problems and their solutions. It is clear that some of the problems faced in the past seem silly and insignificant now. Therefore, it becomes easy to deal with the issues one faces now considering that they managed those of the past (Bishop 45).

Bishop also talks about the future. The reader is supposed to think about the life ahead and all the things they will do. There are so many possibilities that are yet to unfold and one has to face them with positivity. The author notes that there will be challenges and troubles. Nonetheless, people will have to deal with them effectively just as they did in the past (Bishop 46). Even on the day of one’s death, it will occur and is inevitable. Therefore, one needs to accept that fact now before the event comes. Further, the writer compares life with a journey in the ocean. A person is the captain of his or her life. In the journey, many turbulences and waves challenge the sailor. However, the captain has to work through all these issues without giving up or allowing the problems to sink the boat (Bishop 47). The author affirms that one cannot afford to allow his or her work struggles to cause misery at home. Similarly, relationship issues should not be the reason for a bad mood at the office. Instead, people need to face their problems as they come, one by one, giving each the needed attention and moving on (Bishop 47). Bishop says that bundling the problems together cannot help. Therefore, people need to move back and see the reality of the issues before coming up with the solution. This is effective since having problems usually clouds people’s minds making them confused thus causing biases. The author gives advice on the use of the phrase “I got this” as a way of solving the issues since it shows that one still has control over the situations faced in life (Bishop 49).


The quote used from Socrates on life not being perfect is Bishop’s effective way of showing the readers that they will always face problems. However, he gives them courage and hope by noting that people of the ancient world also faced problems, some being worse than the issues faced today. Through this comparison, the author empowers his audience by showing it that each problem has a solution. In addition, he indicates that people are in a better position to solve various problems considering all the advancements witnessed in the current world. Apart from that, the writer requires the reader to think about the troubles faced in the past. Thinking of one’s past life and all the challenges one went through improves their confidence in facing their current situations or those to come in the future. Additionally, covering the future and its uncertainties indicates the author’s desire to make his audience face their future with positivity. Ideally, no one knows how his or her future will turn out to be. Nevertheless, facing it with optimism and being ready to deal with any problems is better than losing hope even before reaching there.

Bishop uses the comparison of life to a journey in the ocean as a way of simplifying his opinions to the reader. The comparison is effective considering that the ocean is sometimes quiet while at other times it is turbulent and has many waves. This is similar to the human life since people encounter problems at times while at other times they are calm and happy. Irrespective of the situation, the author is trying to say that one has to remain in control of his or her life to avoid failures and complications. In addition, believing and having confidence in the assertion “I got this” makes life better and resolving problems becomes easy. Therefore, Gary Bishop uses this chapter to empower his readers into believing themselves irrespective of the situation they encounter in the journey of life. In addition, he needs them to prepare for the future considering that it will bare challenges and problems that need solutions, and being ready is the initial step to finding the appropriate solutions.

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