Unf*ck Yourself
Gary John Bishop
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 5

This chapter surrounds the issue of uncertainty. The author describes the habit developed by many people in trying to predict the future and resolving the uncertain. Ideally, most people need answers and predictions of the uncertain issues even before they occur. Many are those that fear to take any risks in an unknown world. Currently, most people only worry about being certain and they make all the necessary efforts to unravel the unknown (Bishop 52). The author also talks about the changes that had occurred in the world over time. Medicine and technology have improved making livelihood safer than it was several years back. Bishop also makes it clear that taking some risks such as asking someone out or asking the boss for a raise is not at all lethal (Bishop 53). In short, the author says that the aversion to risk used by people is no longer necessary.

Besides, Bishop says that people’s obsession with certainty can be tragic and counterproductive (Bishop 53). Ideally, the author sees uncertainty as where things happen and as the pathway to opportunity. He says that sticking to what is comfortable and doing the same things repeatedly is actually living in the past. This issue is evident since people who lead a strict cycle of life never make new friends nor do they venture into new life situations (Bishop 54). Bishop makes it clear that even successful people have their life issues and reaching their success was not easy. Many had to appreciate and venture into uncertainties to the point that they achieved the success they have. However, choosing certainty over uncertainty makes one stop achieving in life until he or she goes back into appreciating uncertainty (Bishop 55). The writer claims that putting certainty above uncertainty makes people “settle” thus becoming unable to achieve or accomplish more in life.

Bishop tries to explain certainty to his readers. He claims that no matter how much one chases it, he or she can never really be able to hold it or retain it. He asserts that certainty is nonexistent since the universe will always send little reminders of its chaos and power (Bishop 55). In other words, the author says that by running from uncertainty in search of certainty, people actually reject the one thing in life that is guaranteed in favor of something that is nothing more than a fantasy (Bishop 56). The writer also uses science to explain his point. Ideally, most of the scientific ideologies proposed in the past are invalid in the current world. Similarly, the knowledge people treasure today will become archaic and outdated in the future. Apart from that, people who stay in their comfort zones never truly feel comfortable. There is usually a nagging feeling that one could be doing more (Bishop 56).

Most people in the world always care about what other people think about them. Bishop says that part of people’s aversion to uncertainty comes from their fear of receiving judgment from others (Bishop 57). Additionally, the author says that one can never achieve a true potential if he or she cares about what other people think. He even thinks that people can change their lives overnight if they simply abandoned the notion that other people’s opinions matter (Bishop 57). Nonetheless, this notion should not make an individual disregard other people’s opinions. Instead, one should be willing to withstand judgment without letting it get to him or her. Bishop also encourages his readers to embrace uncertainty. He needs the audience to try out new things that are out of the ordinary. He asks people not to worry about being uncomfortable with these encounters. Instead, he says that they should think about the experiences, successes and all the things they have dreamt about (Bishop 58). Ideally, this is an effective way of embracing uncertainty step-by-step beginning from the simple things to the difficult ones.

The author believes that embracing uncertainty has the power to transform one’s life in different ways. Some of the benefits of embracing uncertainty are that one can get in shape, make more money or find their future spouse (Bishop 59). Additionally, Bishop believes that life is full of adventure and opportunities. Nevertheless, it is up to the people to embrace those opportunities fully and completely in all of their majestic, unnerving and invigorating uncertainty (Bishop 59).


The issue of uncertainties affects many people in the current world. For this reason, Bishop finds it convenient to cover the topic in a lengthy and relevant version. Ideally, he makes it clear that most people prefer being certain of what will happen. Many even seek the help of others through predictions and anticipations. However, the author shows the inconvenience caused by this urge of certainty considering that people fail to exploit their full potential of life. In addition, many people miss a lot in life since they remain in a constant and strict loop of life, one that does not allow them to take risks or meet new people. Again, Bishop shows the importance of uncertainty by using the example of medicine and technology. Ideally, these issues have developed over time, and they continue to advance as time passes by. Therefore, some of the most advanced and important aspects of today may be useless in the future. Similarly, holding to the same issues may be disastrous and destructive.

The author also raises the issue of people judging others. Usually, most people in the current world mind about what other people think or say about them. Therefore, they work hard trying to impress these other people, and they often end up failing to achieve their goals in life. Here, Bishop is trying to encourage his readers to accept the judgment of others as it does not matter. In addition, he urges people to learn to appreciate the opinions of others on the condition that they are of help.

The issue of being in a comfort zone seems to startle the author. He says that one cannot truly be comfortable while in the comfort zone. Ideally, people desire to do more and even after achieving great things, they will still want to accomplish more. This drive works well for the people who take risks and those who embrace their uncertainties. This value helps them in a new environment, and they are able to make things work even while in difficult situations. The writer is trying to empower his audience into taking the right steps out of their comfort zones since he is sure that they will achieve their set goals. He also enlists some of the benefits of embracing uncertainties to show the reader the importance of taking risks and trying out new things in life.

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