Unf*ck Yourself
Gary John Bishop
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 7

Gary Bishop asks his readers to think back to some of their biggest successes in life. He needs each person to think of how he or she achieved those successes. Obviously, it was through sacrifice and work. He predicts that people have to come out of their comfort zones so that they may accomplish great deeds (Bishop 73). In fact, the author thinks that the greater the degree of discomfort one experiences, the greater the difficulty, the greater the sense of personal accomplishment that comes after (Bishop 73). Further, the writer insists on being relentless. He notes that most people try to push and pull others from reaching their destinations.  In addition, Bishop claims that even a person’s mind sometimes tries to cause some resistance to the set goals (Bishop 74). It is possible to overcome all the distractions. However, sometimes people lose track of where they are. Some even start to question their journey and hope to go back. Here is where Bishop says that relentlessness is the answer. He calls it the momentum to keep moving on no matter what happens (Bishop 75). He adds that true relentlessness comes when the only thing you have left is relentlessness (Bishop 75).

The author says that one has to agree to something for it to be true. Ideally, this involves the things that people claim to be possible or impossible. According to Gary Bishop, the universe is neither conspiring for nor against anyone. He says that the only thing that stops anyone is when they buy into the notion that they are stopped (Bishop 75). Therefore, if someone believes that something is impossible, it truly becomes impossible for him or her. On the same note, Bishop claims that an individual may try and miserably fail in the same thing for a thousand times but still make it at the thousandth and one time (Bishop 76). He uses various examples such as the invention of the first airplane to make his point. He even uses his own example as an average high school student who has accomplished a lot in life.

Bishop shares the story of Arnold Schwarzenegger from the time he was a small boy to his current state where he is a star. Through the story, Bishop is trying to relate relentlessness and its application. He says that the key to becoming relentless is to focus on the faced problem then giving it full attention. The author urges his readers to be people who progress even after losing everything (Bishop 79). In addition, he says that relentlessness does not mean charging into the fray headfirst, swinging and flailing one’s arms in many directions. Instead, it is focused, determined action done repeatedly (Bishop 79).

The writer says that when one is not sure if he or she is following the right path when he or she has failed a few too many time, it is completely fine to get discouraged. However, it is never okay to stop (Bishop 80). Instead of giving up, Bishop says that one should be relentless and keep going. He adds that relentlessness knows forward and does not know about giving up, and with it, one will look at the results later and be amazed.


The subject of this chapter is relentlessness. It is clear that most achievements and accomplishments come from complete focus and hard work. One can easily be discouraged from achieving the set goals. The discouragement comes mostly from the people around. Just as Bishop notes, those people around someone already know where that person belongs. Therefore, when he or she tries something new or wants to reach certain goals that other people see as out of his or her reach, they try to push and pull the person down. This is because achieving those goal messes with the worlds of those people while building the world of the achiever. Bishop also puts it clear that the mind can also be a tool of distraction. Usually, the mind tries to play tricks on the person whenever he or she is doing something constructive. The author gives an example of people thinking about a game on their phones instead of clearing the work on their desks.  This habit is very common and most people end up just wasting time instead of doing their work. Some will even start watching funny and unhelpful videos on their computers instead of working. This may go on until the last minute where they decide to give up.

However, Bishop sees no use or gain in giving up. Actually, he insists on being relentless as a good answer to the feeling of lose. Instead of giving up and going back, the author wants his readers to adopt relentlessness always. He says that relentlessness only knows forward direction and will help the person reach the set goals. Giving the example of Arnold Schwarzenegger is the author’s way of showing how relentlessness works magic. Ideally, considering Arnold’s case, it is clear that he would have given up a long time ago. However, he kept pushing forward until he achieved his dreams of becoming a star. He even became the governor of California, which was not among his initial dreams. Therefore, opting relentlessness is a good idea and everyone needs to try it.

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