Unf*ck Yourself
Gary John Bishop
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 9

This chapter is about summarizing the whole book. The author begins by restating the personal assertions he provided to the reader. The assertions are as follows:

  • I am willing
  • I am wired to win
  • I got this
  • I embrace the uncertainty
  • I am not my thoughts; I am what I do
  • I am relentless
  • I expect nothing and accept everything

Gary Bishop says that each of the assertions plays a theme. He also says that if an individual wants to make his or her life different, he or she has to make it happen. He also says that one of the ironic things about developing a person’s mind and his or her mindset is that it can actually keep them from acting on the things they really need to act on (Bishop 97). Additionally, Bishop says that one needs to start taking action in the external world if he or she is to improve his or her internal world.

The writer goes further and discusses the moment of death. The reader is asked to imagine a future self-just moments before death. One has to look back and see what he or she did in the journey of life. It is not worth the regret of not doing things at that moment when people have the time now. Bishop is trying to tell his audience that they need to take their chance now while they have the time. Taking the author’s advice will help as one will be proud of dying after accomplishing the set goals. In addition, people need to accept the inevitability of death. Coming to terms with the event helps people live their lives fully by becoming who they are (Bishop 98).

Besides, the author advises his readers about avoiding making excuses or blaming their past. He says that many people have learned to face their fears and their pasts and for that reason, they now lead happy lives (Bishop 101). Apart from that, the writer suggests two steps that can help the reader to freedom. The first step involves stopping what one is currently doing (Bishop 101). On this issue, one should think of all the issues that have made the achievement of goals hard or impossible. This includes excessive watching of movies, video gaming or even eating. One should weigh the benefit of stopping those things and doing other constructive things. The second step is starting to take the actions that will propel one forward (Bishop 102). This includes building positive habits and doing the necessary to achieve great things. Further, the writer says that there is a time for thinking and developing one’s mind. Nevertheless, one has to step up to the plate and put what he or she knows into action (Bishop 104). Through that, one will end up accomplishing many great things and achieving a happy life.


This chapter is just a summary of Gary Bishop’s book. The author uses this last chapter to restate every important point so that the reader may have a glimpse of everything read in the other chapters. Ideally, the author restates all the assertions as a way of reminding his audience of the book’s content. The assertions are personal so that the reader may take pride in saying, thinking and acting upon them. The writer wants to make the readers proud while empowering them to take the right actions with the assertions.  

Further, Bishop insists on talking about death considering its imminence. Obliviously, every living thing will one day perish in the cause of death. This applies to human beings too. In his work, Gary Bishop is trying to make his audience accept that death is real and unavoidable. After acceptance, people can then live their lives fully thus making the accomplishments that they desire. The author is sure that many people try to elude the thought of the end of life and death. However, his journey throughout the book makes it easier for readers to comprehend it and internalize it effectively. He even asks them to imagine about the future, and a cautious reader will understand that Bishop desires the best for his audience. In addition, the reader will be able to choose the right path of life considering all the information gathered in the book, and the imminence of death.

Additionally, the two steps of acquiring freedom are relevant and practical. Currently, many people have refused to stop their bad habits and this has led to their failure. Nevertheless, the writer is providing an effective solution to the issue where the individual has to stop the negative habits and embrace taking positive actions that will transform his or her life. Applying the knowledge gained from Bishop’s work is a sure way of turning one’s life around for the better.

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