Unf*ck Yourself
Gary John Bishop
Contributed by Micheal Celestin

Review by OUT OF THE BEX, 2018

The author begins by giving his audience a reason to read Gary Bishop's book. He says that the book is of significant help to the readers who find themselves too caught up in their thoughts. In addition, the writer thinks that the book may help those who find themselves filled with too much worry to take action on the best solution (OUT OF THE BEX para. 1). Besides, he appreciates how Bishop dives straight to the point without wasting the reader's precious time.

Further, the author identifies the seven assertions used throughout the book. He thinks that the content is easily absorbable by audience either by covering the print book or by listening to the audiobook (OUT OF THE BEX para. 2). The author also thinks that the reader may find it relevant to treat the book serially. This is possible if the reader ingests one chapter at a time whenever the need for motivation arises (OUT OF THE BEX para. 2).

The writer considers Bishop's book an enticing piece of work. This is observable as he claims that he can easily return to it repeatedly whenever the desire arises. Ideally, he considers the book a reliable source of motivation since it offers him the boost he needs every time (OUT OF THE BEX para. 4). Again, the writer seems to prefer the audio version of the book since it is read by the Bishop himself ( OUT OF THE BEX para. 5). Further, the author points out the things he would change in Bishop's work. For instance, he claims that the examples used in the book should be varied as Bishop uses confidence and romance only (OUT OF THE BEX para. 6). Nevertheless, he believes that the assertions are relevant and helpful (OUT OF THE BEX para. 7). Additionally, the author sees Bishop's book as a short, approachable work that is sure to be a welcome change for those seeking motivation and inspiration in their lives (OUT OF THE BEX para. 8).

In my view, the author of this review covers the major parts of Bishop’s work while highlighting the main points. He identifies the seven assertions distinctively and notes them for the reader. He also identifies the areas that need a change while giving his honest opinion on the piece. Additionally, the writer points out the good things and the bad things about the work thus making the review relevant and reliable.

Review by UYP, The UYP Book Review: Unfu*k Yourself

The author starts by confessing that he thoroughly enjoyed reading Bishop's book. He believes that the book stands on the opposite side of those that insist on changing one's thought patterns for action change (UYP para. 3). According to the author, the book contains numerous quotations both from stoics and non-stoics. Further, the writer claims that Stoics firmly believe that one’s thoughts have more impact on his or her perception of an event than the event itself (UYP para. 5). He believes that Bishop's book borrows heavily from stoicism. He says that the chapter on “I am not my thoughts, I am what I do” really stuck with him (UYP para. 7). In addition, the author thinks that the book is ideal for the people who are looking to get out of a rut or make a meaningful change in their lives. Ideally, he believes that the book will offer great help to those individuals as they try to put their affairs in order.

This review is a clear representation of Gary Bishop's work. It is thoughtful, and analyses things from different points of view. The author provides the reader with a relevant glimpse of the book thus enticing him or her to desire reading the actual book. Apart from that, the writer identifies other finer details such as the use of stoicism and non-stoicism. This portrays him as an idealist individual who has read and understood the book to the point of giving an honest opinion. Nevertheless, the review contains many irrelevant details that do not match the book. Despite giving a reason for the extra details, the author should try and be straight to the point so that the reader may find interest in the work.

Review by Steven John, The manual, 2018

Steven John begins by sharing his thought on Gary John Bishop. He describes him as a warm, friendly and amazingly positive person (John Para. 1). The author admits that he found himself nodding to agree with most of the points raised by Bishop in his book. He believes that the book belongs in the self-help, motivation, comedy, inspiration, oh-man-I-do-that-BS-all-the-time, personal-and-professional-development section in the bookstore (John para. 3). Nevertheless, the section is non-existent, but John is just trying to offer his sincere thoughts.

Besides, Steven John shares a personal story he heard from Gary Bishop. The story is meant to show the reader how Bishop started having interest in motivational content (John para. 4). In addition, the author borrows several direct quotes from Bishop's book and personal conversations to ensure that the review bares more weight. He thinks that Bishop is reminding people that small changes can lead to big changes. He claims that the more one makes those little changes, the more they become the new status quo. He says that this leads to one doing effortlessly the things he or she struggled to accomplish before (John para. 8).

Apart from that, John believes that wanting change is bullshit. Instead, he thinks that effecting change is effective (John para. 8). Additionally, he asserts that Bishop has found the right approach to deliver a timeless message to the human race. He compares this to the work of Aristotle in the 4th century. Ultimately, Steven John makes a recommendation of the book to various groups of people. First, he urges individuals who are in a rough place in their lives to read the book. Secondly, he thinks that the book will help those in a fine place as they need the knowledge too (John para. 10). Lastly, John believes that Bishop's book will be significant to the people who love a good laugh. This recommendation is based on the amount of humor portrayed in the book considering that Gary Bishop uses a warm and friendly tone to put his points across.

Steven John seems to understand Bishop's work from a personal point of view. I agree with his review since it is clear and it provides the reader with an honest opinion. Apart from that, the author portrays himself as a knowledgeable individual who truly appreciates Bishop's work. Besides, the various direct quotes used in the review clearly show that Steven John covered the book. Ideally, his review is direct to the point, and it summarizes the book effectively. The author also manages to recommend the book to various people whose characteristics fully fit the best audience. Therefore, the review is relevant and reliable to any reader seeking to find information on Bishop's work.

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