What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun

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Hillary Clinton
Year Published
About the Title

Hillary Clinton’s public relations team has made a few mistakes, such as an egregiously premature celebration on Twitter of her ascension to the Presidency, or in lacking the humility and not preparing a concession speech before the start of the 2016 U.S. Election. So it’s no surprise that when Hillary’s team of editors came up with the intriguing title “What Happened,” they most likely misspelled the true title of the book: “Politics: How to Lose An Election in Style.” Another truly regrettable error, because anyone with a basic understanding of the political context of the book’s publication knows that “What Happened” really stands in as a euphemism for “How Did I Lose the 2016 Election?” In fact, the latter title might have actually drawn more interest just from people curious about the weird mix of audaciousness and humility a hypothetical title like that.

But we’ll never know for sure, just like we’ll never know for sure what would have happened if Hillary Clinton became President. Just kidding. In a special gift to us, Clinton spells out exactly what she would have done as President and her plans for the country in the majority of “What Happened,” with only the first few chapters dedicated to her initial emotions and her repeated attempts to reconcile with the reality of her crushing defeat by one of the most unlikely candidates. Read “What Happened” and you’ll probably gain an understanding of why Hillary Clinton lost, but not because of how she explains it, but because of how less savory elements of her character and intentions - once forced into the position of the Trumpian “loser” - appear.

Just consider what would motivate Hillary to choose “What Happened” as the title for her memoir rather than as an insightful, reflective account of what actually happened during the 2016 Election and more analysis regarding her opinions on its implications on our American democracy, both domestically and internationally, as a policymaker, career politician, and as the wife of Bill Clinton. Perhaps served with some more gripping commentary and evidence along the way - not included with the book - you can get into “What Happened” with greater gusto.

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