What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 1

The first chapter opens with the swearing in ceremony of the new President for Donald Trump which took place on January 20 at the Capitol. Hillary and Bill were waiting behind the door for their names to be announced, so they could join the rest of the guest on the platform. During those moments she recall her previous discussion she had with the Bushes and Carters while waiting for the results for the election. The entire ceremony also made her remember the old days when her husband, Bill took the oath for the first time. Once Trump arrived on the platform, Hillary took a further look during the previous years when she first met him and also his wedding with Melania in 2005. She couldn't believe that she was now standing in front of the future president of the United States. What it was seen as a joke when he declared his candidacy turned into reality and now he was standing at the Capitol with his hand on the Bible.

Hillary was not impressed by the new President's speech. She saw it as being not legit as Trump focused on creating an image of a country which is severely in need of a leader such as him, pointing out his narcissism.She describes him as the perfect man to rub salt in their wounds even though many of the affirmation he did in front of those people were far from the reality, especially when criticizing the achievements of the previous president Obama. Trump even accuses Obama of wiretapping him which was quickly debunked. The entire speech was addressed to those Americans who felt insecure and had the need of blaming someone for everything that was wrong.

During the next day, Hillary refused the invitation to the Women's March which protested the new President as she thought that the world needs new young women to do so. Instead, she decided to spend her day at home in New York. She uses this opportunity to watch the event through her network and quickly notices that the people were devastated of the result and wanted to continue fighting. All of these brought Hillary a feeling of hope regarding the future.


This opening chapter focuses a lot on the author memoirs. It presents a devastated Hillary Clinton who feels that the country is in bad hands. Frequently she compares the event which she has attended to the previous experiences such as the election as a president of Bill Clinton, the meeting with Trump and her discussion with the Bushes. This chapter also has the role of describing as good as possible what Hillary felt at that moment. It focuses on her opinion regarding the new president and his speech and also it tries to underline the fact that only a few of the people who were there were actually happy because of the results. We can clearly notice that there is no part where she agrees with the new president. The first pages are full of quotes which have the role of making the reader understand that things should have been different. The author decides to end the first chapter in a totally different way than how she began it. If in the beginning, we saw a political woman attending a swore in ceremony, in the end, we see a mother version of Hillary taking a break from all the stressful situation.

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