What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 10

Because of her experience as a secretary of state and her passion to take about foreign policy, Hillary was convinced that during the debate regarding the candidate's qualifications for this position she will be able to show the world that Trump is not prepared to rule the country. This new part presents Hillary ready to share her thoughts with the world but not before being attacked by Matt Lauer, co-host of NBC's Today, for the email incident. She apologized several times for using her private email server for official information sharing but continues insisting that no classified content was sent as the FBI already stated. Even so, Lauer continued asking questions based on this subject as it was the most essential thing during that debate. After the event, because of the entire scandal, the matter of emails was more mediatized than any other scandal which involved Trump.

There were several times when Hillary was accused of focusing too much on small details rather on the bigger pictures. In comparison with her, Donal Trump seemed always unprepared when holding the debates and trying to intimidate her for spending to much time on inessential elements. Even the press started accusing her of being just " too prepared". When it comes to their initiative she contrasts how Trump's first desire was to ban the Muslims while she was more interested in making an infrastructure and job packaged which could be funded by the wealthiest people in the state. She continues giving a multitude of comparison such as his desire to limitate access to healthcare while she would try to decrease the price of medications. Nevertheless, the event alienated allies such as Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin while she wanted to prove that Russia and Germany should have nothing to do with the American elections.

There are many changes that she would have done if she would have been chosen as a president. Her list includes modernizing American's roads, and ports, impose new rules that would help companies share their profit with the employees, modernize the workforce protection and impose an equal pay for women and men and focus on reducing inequality in terms of wealth.


Hillary is described by her action as being a person who focuses more on details instead of taking care only of the big elements. For all her debates we can see that she spent several days to get ready in order to ensure that she would be better than her opponents. Even so, there were times when people thought that she might focus a little bit too much on details which wouldn't bring any changes and that she was missing the main point.

She takes time to get into a little bit more details regarding the email scandal which drastically affected her campaign. The famous incident started getting media attention in 2015 when it was revealed that Hillary Clinton used a private matter for conversation instead of a governmental one which could have compromised a variety of classified information. FBI stated that no essential information was leaked but even so the entire event managed to influence negatively the way people perceived Hillary and her campaign.

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