What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 12

Country Roads

Her affirmation that she was going to put coal miners and companies out of business was frequently used by the Republicans to shadow her reputation. Even though during that interview in Columbus she wanted to inform people that she was planning to reunite the population rather than divide them as Donald Trump planned but her words came out differently. Although she tried to clarify her mistake, the damage was already done. What she was trying to say was that the Appalachian coal mining activities were seriously dropping down since 2011 and reached a peaked in 2016.

In order to try to remediate her reputation, together with her campaign partners she started a trip from Kentucky to Ohio where she was going to meet directly with the people who had to suffer the most because of her words and try to change their opinion about her. During this travel, she noticed that a multitude of Americans who live in the rural area don't have access to broadband which also is correlated to the high unemployment rate and low incomes. The people she met weren't happy to see her as they were mostly supporter of Trump and made this clear by chanting angry message and holding offensive banners. She thinks that all this hate is not only related to her message but also to the fact that the Democrats through their policies of protecting clean air kind of affected in a bad way these people lifestyle. She knew that the only way to help those people was to come up with a good plan and to ensure Trump won't be there to make things worse. All his proposals such as the healthcare plan, the elimination of the federal support in the coal country and all his fake promises would only bring the coal industry at an even lower point that it currently is.

During her years of activity, Hillary managed to point out the fact that usually during the voting Republicans won mostly in the areas where the population was more pessimistic or unsure about what is going to come next while the opposites were the areas where the Democrats used to win. All of these affirmations are supported by the 2016 election during which Hillary won the votes from Pulaski County and Pittsburgh but lost Arkansas and Pennsylvania.


If it were to compare the coal production in the United States from 2006 to 2016 we would see that is dropped with a value of 37%. Even in terms of exports, after the peak in 2012, the trades have declined dramatically. These were the information that Hillary wanted to share with the public through her speech but she did it in the wrong way. The words from her speech made the population see her as a person who wants to destroy totally the coal mining in the U.S. That explains why many areas, especially Arkansas, turned against her and supported Trump. Even so, in the last pages of this part, she contrasts her plans for this industry with the ones presented by Trump. If it were to carefully analyze all those policies, Trump's plan would have a worse effect on this community. Through the way she describes the entire situation, we can see how frustrated she felt because of that mistake. What we can learn from this chapter is that sometimes our words can a huge impact no matter what our intentions are.

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