What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 14

Hillary describes the democracy in the USA as being severely damaged because people lost faith in the institution due to their previous activity. This offered the Russian leader, Vladimir Putin, the opportunity to take advantage of the countries weaknesses. In Hillary's opinion, Putin's vision is to "re-Sovietize" the empire and wasn't afraid to declare these intentions publicly.

Trump's opinion regarding Putin was totally different than Hillary's. He, on the other hand, seemed to support the president and described him as a brilliant man. Hillary explained all the bonding between those two men as being just another evidence of Trump's fascination with communism and dictators. More than this, both men seem to be suspicious regarding the American allies and consider that they should be able to take care of themselves without the help from the United States. All of these seem to please Putin who always wanted to weaken the Atlantic Alliance and nevertheless to diminish the influence America has on other countries.

For the democratic, things got even more disturbing in June 2016 when evidence regarding the computer networking being hacked by the Russian government came to surface. Because of this breach, they had access to a variety of emails and travel documents. All these incidents demonstrated that the Russians wanted to compromise the elections by helping their preferred candidate. The connection between the two men became even more evident when FBI started checking the traffic from Trump Tower and the Russian bank. During Hillary's and Trump's first debate on September 26, she hit him hard in regard to the Russian collaboration but Trump continued defending Putin and discharging any of the information.

The news regarding Trump's Access Hollywood Tape in which he bragged about the sex assaults in regard to women came in the perfect timing for his campaign. It seemed like everyone changed their interest from the Russian to this tape. Even if the story became viral, peoples interest faded over time and started becoming interested again in Hillary's email which was posted on a daily basis by WikiLeaks. After that incident, false stories appeared on the social media in regard to Clinton Foundation's payments and Hillary's activities. Once again, Hillary's campaign and plans were shadowed by the email scandal.


Through this chapter, Hillary wants to underline how severely affected is the natural defense system of the country. Because of its current status, it leads to the possibility of the Russian people interfering with the campaign and the presidency selection. Through these pages, we can see two big group of people: the supporters of Putin ( Trump together with his campaign members) and the ones who were against Putin ( Hillary with her team). Trump describes Putin as a role model and even focuses on the fact that this is the kind of president he wants to be. Hillary, on the other hand, is totally against these form of leading and because of her reputation as a woman and as a person who fights for her goals she wakes up as the main target of the Russians. Trump can be seen as a cunning person because when people start discussing his collaboration with Putin, a tape regarding sexual assaults is released which immediately changes people interest. More than that, with the support of his collaborators, WikiLeaks starts again leaking the email scandal provoking people to read them. All these elements which can be seen as small events if it were to examine each of them individually lead to the destruction of Hillary's campaign and ultimately to Trump winning the elections. After finishing reading this chapter, the majority of us will tart questions the validity of this election and what could have happened if Putin wouldn't have been a supporter of Trump's campaign.

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