What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 15

Hillary presents in the following pages her last action as part of her campaign. Together with her husband, they headed to the elementary school in Chappaqua were their submitted their vote. She was optimistic regarding the result even though Hillary was aware of the damage her campaign suffered because of the Russians.

She remembers spending the time with her family at the hotel and waiting for the final answer. They monitored and analyzed each result when the pools started to close. As the hours passed, the numbers got worse for Hillary until it reached a point where it was hard to imagine of any way to win. At that point, she decided to give a call to Trump in order to congratulate him and give her support for a smooth transition. Next, she called President Obama to apologize for disappointing him. Soon after that, the election ended and Trump marked his victory which his speech.

Her speechwriter started working on her concession speech even though she didn't understand why she would even have to read it. Eventually, after multiple drafts, she decided to talk more about democracy and in a way or another offer her support for Trumps presidency publicly.


There are three emotions that best describe Hillary in this chapter: pride, humility, and nerves. Pride is one of them because she fought until the last moment to increase her possibility of winning and to convince the people that she is right for that job. Humility because even though she spent her last twelve months on the road this was the easy part o the job. In case she won, everything she planned and discussed had to become reality. And nevertheless, nerve because elections, as she states, can be unpredictable and in those moments waiting is torture. Afte she is defeated she shows us that dignity is one of the traits that characterize her as she calls her opponent to congratulate and offer her support. This is a sign of power as everyone can agree that during those moments the hardest thing to do is to accept your defeat and offer support to the one person you continuously fought with.

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