What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 16

After the election, for the upcoming year, Hillary continuously ask herself what did she do wrong in order to lose. Nate Silver, a statistician, pointed out that they were on the road of winning until Jim Comey's letter became public. That was the moment that her entire campaign faded and she was on the road of losing. Other critics state that she didn't campaign enough in the Midwest, others that her campaign lacked any economic message or that the speeches she held didn't have a clear message for the public. Nevertheless, there are also a few who state that her campaign was doomed since the first day because she was seen as being a weak person. In her opinion, many voters actually weren't a big supporter of Trump, but they hated her enough to try to vote against her and all her policies probably because of the email scandal

In the beginning, the population saw Trump as unfit for the position because of his behavior and unqualified. On the other hand, Hillary was seen as a safe choice. After Comey's Letter Hillary's presidency was seen with a lot of suspicion by the people. When people had to choose between two risky candidates, they chose Trump. Before Comey's letter, there were the Russians who stole the emails from John Podesta and provided them to the website known as WikiLeaks. This put Clinton's name next to the word emails in the headlines and started a huge scandal.

Nevertheless, in Clinton's opinion, voter suppression was also a major element for what happened. During these elections, most of the campaigns try to win people by convincing them to go and vote. Trump, on the other hand, tried to discourage people from voting. He even thanked the African Americans after winning for not participating in the election.


After a failure, people tend to determine what they did wrong and what would have been the solution to those problems. This is exactly what Hillary analysis in this chapter. We can still see a devastated version of Hillary who was almost convinced that she won. In order to be able to have a better understanding of what really happened, she divides this chapter into multiple subchapters where she examines different elements and tries to find out which of them negatively influenced her campaign the most. We can see that she continuously contrast her action with Trump. Is like reading multiple pages of comparison in term of voters, opinions, scandals, speeches and nevertheless external influences. She provides us with a lot of data in order to prove that the information that is written there is statistically correct. By the end, she realizes that her loss was multifactorial and there were plenty of things that needed to be different in order for her to be able to win.

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