What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 17

Politics is a harsh field or at least that's how Hillary starts this new chapter. The campaigns primary role is to fight and destroy the other reputation and the media is very interested in all these information. Even so, love and kindness are two elements which are hardly heard in the same sentence with the word politics.

She recalls the moment when she started working on her book It takes a village because she felt that she was no longer able to speak publicly without being criticized by the media. In her book, she focused on how the American life seems to be fragmented and everyone seems as they are in a terrible hurry. In her opinion, people invested more time in those actions which were not essential instead of those which could make a change.

After becoming aware of all these things, Hillary decided that her campaign will be mostly based on feelings such as love and kindness. She recalls when they started to use the sentence "love trumps hate" and how the public enjoyed it. Despite all these things she continues asking herself if her campaign should have been different, maybe a little bit more aggressive and if without these elements she would have had a bigger chance to win.


Through this chapter, Hillary tries to underline all the major negative events the United States had to undergo in the last years. She tries to point out that the society is becoming more and more fragmented and is in terrible need of more " love and kindness". When it comes to describing her campaign she was again totally opposite to Trump. Her intention was not to attack but more to defend herself and try to send a message of peace to all her supporters.

Love trumps hate was the democratic slogan which immediately became viral. The message has no purpose of mocking. Hillary used the name Trump in order to symbolize the idea of "winning" So if it were to replace the verb trump with its meaning the message would be that love is always more powerful than hate.

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