What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 18

One day after the election was over, Hillary called a few friends and went to Hyde Park in New York. She wanted to visit once again Eleanor Roosevelt's house as she was a source of inspiration for here. Just like in case of Eleanor, Hillary felt that a lot of people would want her to disappear but she had plenty of unfinished plans that she hoped she would be able to make them become real.

Seeing that Trump's presidency is negatively impacting the country she decided not to sit quietly on the sidelines. She held a multitude of speeches which were defined by the phrase "resist, insist, persists, enlists". Hillary's desire was to give the people power and hope for a possible win in case of a future election.

She also tells the story of the Onward Together organization which was founded in May 2017. This organization have the role of fundraising for the progressive political groups and ensure that her policies which we talked about during her campaign won't remain unnoticed.

The book ends with her speech at Wellesley College where she had the chance to share a few words with a variety of people such as the college chaplain, the president of the Wellesley Republicans club and the actual student speaker for that graduation. In the end, they all showed how much they appreciated her and advised her to keep going as things will eventually get better.


Once Hillary returns to the politics after being defeated we hear her promoting the phrase " resist, insist, persist, enlist". She used these words during a speech to encourage women to keep fighting against abuses and never let others define themselves. Resistance became one of the watchwords for all the population who was opposed to Trump and soon it became written on t-shirts and all over the internet showing what a huge media impact it had. To enlist is a message sent to her party telling them that the only way to stop Trump in the future is by rebuilding the Democratic Party and trying to improve everything that went wrong during this election.

Even though she lost, there are still supporters out there who are on her side and hope for a better future. The last months after Trump was declared president were a disaster for the American population. Even though things were going to be hard for a long time there is still hope and Hillary ends her book with the question " What do we do now?" as a sign that she is still up for the fight.

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