What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 3

The third part of the book opens with a short monologue in which Hillary explains why she thought she was good for the position as President of America. For the first time, she gives us a glimpse at what she thought and how she decided to run. Her husband, Bill, warned her that she might lose this fight and she understood that. She was afraid that being a woman would lower her chances to win since there was no woman in the history of the country that won the nomination of a major party.

She takes time to present her life once she left politics for a while. Hillary was very involved in the Clinton Foundation through which she managed to pursue her passions. She enumerates some of the achievements they managed to gain such as the fight for women and girl rights all around the world. She was afraid that if she was going to run as a president everything including the foundation will be considered a subject of attack. For a moment she wasn't sure to put away the calm of her current life for the fire of the political one.

She states that she decided to run for the title because in that way she was able to do more good than in any other position. She even compared that spending one day at White House can bring more benefit for the society than spending months of work anywhere else.

Hillary continues by presenting the close connection she has with the previous president Obama and how they spent an entire evening dining in the White House residence and discussing unsolved matters. She states that Barack Obama thought that she would be the part choice for the White House as that will allow their previous work to continue to progress despite their difference in terms of thinking.

During that time she started meeting different policy experts, reading memoirs and writing a list of all the problems that would not be solved in order to make the economy of the states stronger and ways to improve health care. She even asked John Podesta who as the previous chief of staff during Bill's presidency to join her campaign as the chairman.

She ends this part by stating that even though there were mistakes that she regrets doing in regard to her 2016 campaign, the decision to run is not one of them.


This chapter is filled with achievements which Hillary Clinton managed to gain during her nonpolitical years. She focuses a lot on the Clinton Foundation and how much she desired to protect it in case she would decide to run as president. She even states that once she announced her candidacy the press start writing more frequently than ever about the foundation and most of them were bad words. She underlines how much she helped the suffering and how relentlessly she fought for women right proving again what a feminist she is. As we could see at the beginning of the chapter Hillary believes she was the perfect match for this position because she had experience in the field, she was familiar with Obama's work and could easily continue them and nevertheless was interested primarily in the good of the country. As we got used, she ends her chapter with a quote by T.S Eliot from the poem "East Coker" which states that it, first of all, it is essential to try no matter what the outcome will be. Probably these represent the words that finally convinced her to run for the title.

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