What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 4

The next part presents the steps Hillary need to take in order to start her campaign. She states that she was already familiar with most of the problems the country was facing since she was Secretary of State for years but she decided to hit the road in order to reconnect with the people and their worries. She stopped in different cities such as New Hampshire where she discussed with the ordinary people trying to understand what is their burden and how could she help if it were to lead the country.She states that this is the model on which was based her campaign: people would tell her their story and she would try to come with solutions that would apply to a large number of people. One of the national problems she noticed during her trips was the one regarding substance abuses. Because of that, she decided to write a plan that could assist in this situation.

She compares her current campaign with the ones of the previous candidates such as Obama's in 2008. She knew she wanted a no drama campaign, clean without any problems. Robby Mook was chosen as the campaign manager after David Plouffe recommended it. From time to time Obama would interfere and recommend different people that would be suitable for what she was planning to achieve. Her goal was dual: to create a strong team and to improve the relationship she had with the press. Even so, things didn't go as she planned and she managed to fall into a multitude of pitfalls such as the email scandal which quickly brought a bad reputation for all her efforts.

Hillary remembers that in these time of need President Obama came with a very helpful advice. Her campaign needed more than ever a message to the people can relate to. Stronger Together was Hillary's messaged that was in total contrast with the one sent by Trump and which had the role of reflecting what was her vision and how she wanted to become a president of the people. She defined her campaign as being similar to any other campaign in history having both weaknesses but also strengths. Hillary still argues that the intervention of the FBI which severely affected the population opinion was one of the main reason why they eventually lost.

In June 2015, Hillary Clinton finally announced her candidacy in front of thousands of people on the Roosevelt Island. She spent several weeks with her team deciding what to say and how to adapt it so everything can understand her message. She knew that people will see her as a continuity of Obama's presidency rather than a person who will bring changes but she focused on convincing people that everything that she was saying was at least honest. The end of this part compares her speech to Trump's which in her opinion was full of lies and fake promises.


The name of this part Getting Started reflects perfectly what Hillary wrote in these pages. These represent the exact steps she had taken in order to create the campaign that ultimately represented her for the election. In these pages, the reader encounters with a multitude of names which were members and supporters of her candidacy and without whom she believes she wouldn't be able to get in that position. The author doesn't focus only on the bright side of the things but also shares details regarding some of the scandals that shadowed all her activities. In many opinions, these part has the role of making the reader familiar with the team that supported Clinton and how she relied on each of them. She decides to end the part with her speech which is described as being "long, full of policies which wasn't everyone's cup of tea". Even so, she managed to send the message she desired which can be confirmed by all the political commentators which she enumerates in her pages such as E.J Dionne and Jon Allen. She ends her speech by referring to her mother who previously passed away. This confirms to us that Hillary was indeed a familist desiring to further outline the idea of the American Dream.

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