What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 5

If her previous pages were more about the political life, in this part Hillary Clinton focuses on sharing with her readers her routine as a normal person.

She tends to wake up early in the morning, check her emails and plan for the day. After breakfast, she starts reading the press clips which are delivered to her home by her staff. After her stylists prepare her hair she gets dressed up and is ready to go. The family is under The Secret Service protection since 1992 but she stated that it became an ordinary thing and no longer bothers her. She remembers when traveling for her campaign with the Boeing 737 airplane which had written on the sides "Stronger Together" her motto and with H logos painted on each of the wings. During those days the plane was their home. Even so, she describes al this experience as being wonderful even if there were some moments when it wasn't all about fun.

She further presents how their rallies went. Hillary describes them as being otherworldly, full of joy but also full of serious work. Their schedule was chaotic having to drive from a meeting to a radio interview. She also had many artists who represented her such as Katy Perry, Rachel Platten and Jenifer Lopez. Before she went on stage to hold her speech, her staff would often bring people backstage which she would have the occasion to share a few thoughts with. Roundtables were those moments when she had the chance to come in direct contact with her supporters and hear their story. Fundraisers were described as being a difficult thing for her as she is not comfortable with asking people for money which can also explain why she wasn't involved that much in these type of events. Her favorite moments were the ones spent with the children who motivated her to take initiative against bullying.

The only days that seemed a lot different were the debate prep which was held at the Doral Arrowwood, a hotel near her home. The role of these meetings was to get her ready especially emotionally during different events that were going to follow her campaign. She remembers practicing her calm while her staff asked hard question that had the role of provoking her. She defines the key of success as being represented by staying cool, hitting hard and making sure that your arguments are very clear.


Through this chapter, Hillary brings us even closer to her family life. Based on her writing we can see that behind the doors when there are no cameras around she is quite a simple woman. She wakes up in the morning, takes her breakfast, read the news, does sport and spends time with her family. Once she is out the door Hillary turns into the strong political woman everyone is familiar with. She takes time describing the experiences she had on the road from birthday parties held in the airplane to Christmas. This proves us that she indeed cares about the culture of the country and she sees all her staff more than just employees. The end of this part takes us back to her family side, telling us how she calls Bill every single night before falling asleep. If we recall the moment where she states that she spends time with her daughter on FaceTime, we can confirm that indeed Hillary is a familist and no matter what her businesses are her family comes first.

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