What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 6

Hillary opens the third main chapter of her book by stating that in the following pages she included all the frustrations she had to fight with as a result of the fact she was a woman in a world where man dominated. She was born during the ages when the fight for women rights was still at its lower point. If it was to take a look at her achievements, she was just one out of the 27 women to attend Yale Law School, the First Lady to be elected to the public office, the first woman who has ever been called the Senator from New York and nevertheless the first woman to be nominated for President by a major political party.

She believes that the presidential election in 2016 was guided by sexism and misogyny. Even during the election of Bill Clinton as President, she was attacked several times for still keeping her maiden name and after that for her job at the law firm. The higher you rise, the more they will criticize you in this life especially if you are a woman. One of the contradictory things she always had to face was the fact that if she chose to spend more time with her family she would be perceived as not serious about the work, otherwise, she would be seen as a bad mother. Hillary believes that people cast their vote based on the fact that a woman should not be in leading position and this can be one of the explanations why she lost the fight.

The moment that best defines how she felt as a woman in the politics was when she had to share the stage with Donald Trump for the second presidential debate right after being accused of groping women. She felt that through his actions he wanted to intimidate her because in his eyes she was just another woman. In spite of all of these Hillary kept her calm and tried to ignore it all. Oftenly while on stage she remembered s about the Acces Holywood tape and felt sad for all the women and girls who were a victim of Donald Trump's behavior.

With all these elements that define the political world, she still believes that America will eventually have a woman president and she hopes that she will be there to vote for her. When those days come her presidential campaign could be seen as the pavement which was needed in order for that to happen and that is also the moment when she will feel like all her work was worth it.


This part of the book further underlines the struggles a woman will have to undergo when she works in an industry which is dominated by men. She was in the business for a long time which is the reason why everyone had many reasons to attack her. Based on her achievement we can immediately sense that Hillary Clinton was a powerful woman full of desire to achieve her goals. Her behavior can be interpreted as being very well controlled as she always tries to stay calm.

These pages are full of letters from her female supporters who are sharing with the readers their life stories. It can be seen as quite impressive how much Hillary is involved in the rights of women. She continues believing that one-day misogyny and sexism won't define American. Based on her thoughts we can notice that she wants to revolutionize the way we see females. Even though in the previous chapter it was stated that she might be seen as just a continuity of Obama, after this chapter we might see her as what the country needed in order to change its mentality.

The part ends with Muriel Rukeyser's quite which focuses on the idea that women have to face many humiliating situations but even so they decide to remain quiet and move on, proving how powerful they are.

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