What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
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Chapter 7

In this part, Hillary recalls the Democratic National Convention during which her daughter Chelsea had the opportunity to hold a speech. This impressed her to tears as she remembered the moment she became a mother, all the moments spent together with her daughter at the library and church or the games invented by her which they used to play. She is happy to be able to call herself a true mother as she was always next to Chelsea no matter what her political businesses were. In the beginning, she was frightened because she wanted to achieve that title of the best mother but didn't know how to do it. That's the reason why she can easily recognize herself in the eyes of all the mothers she met along her campaign as she had to go through all that struggle without knowing what to do. Chelsea is her definition of grace, confidence, and courage as her world totally changed once she gave born to her daughter. During the 2016 campaign, Chelsea was a big supporter of Hillary and traveled with her together with Aidan, the baby she was still nursing in those today. Even during the election nights when they lost, she sat next to her mother sending all her strength and grace towards her.

When it comes to her marriage she remembers refusing Bill for the first two times. She tells her readers that the refusal was because she was not ready for the future yet. Hillary refuses to go into further details as she believes that her marriage is that part of her private life that should remain her owns. Indeed she had difficult moments when she was not sure her marriage would go on but in the end, Bill is the ideal man for her.

On the other hand, friends mean as much to her as her family does. She recalls every moment spent with them and mourns the ones that passed away. Even if she loved motherhood, there were times when she felt it is boring and that was the moment when her friends came and brought joy into her life. They are so valuable to her also because making friends during adulthood and especially in the position she and Bill have can be very complicated. In the end, she wouldn't change anything in terms of friendship and family as they all represented a major element that led to the person she became today.


The name of this part is very defining for the content of her next pages. She starts by turning back in time and remembering the birth of her daughter and how much joy she felt. She uses a variety of figures of speech to try to underline the joy she felt once her daughter came into her life. In these pages, she goes even deeper into her private life showing us how much she loved her husband. Through comparison, she tries to convince her readers that for her there is no better man in the world than Bill. This part ends with a recall of the moments spent next to her dear friends and thank for their full support. Through the pages, we will be able to read a multitude of quotes. By this time we might be able to notice that What Happened is full of quotes, carefully chosen in order to make it easier to understand the importance and impact different elements had.

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