What Happened
Hillary Clinton
Contributed by Nina Calhoun
Chapter 8

In 2015, Hillary met with the members of the Mothers of the Movement in order to hear their tragic stories about their children who died due to gun violence. Because of this meeting, during her campaign, she frequently referred to gun violence and racial justice making them key elements of her visions. One of her first policy speech was in reference to the need to respect the police and for them to respect the citizens. She held several meetings as the one in August 2017 with retired and also current police chiefs in order to find solutions for this problems. All those mothers were tired of telling their story over and over again and hope that Hillary will finally be able to come up with a solution that would end it once and for all.

Her desire to stop all these gun violence became one of her priorities in 1999 when she visited with families who lost their children in the Columbine High School massacre. Even though the Clinton administration managed to impose a few rules regarding gun regulations, Hillary was convinced that this wasn't enough. Even so, during her political campaigns, she states that she recognizes the Second Amendment and her intention is not to ban all guns but to make sure this violence rate will be lowered in the near future. Her statement was seen as an attack by Wayne LaPierre, the chief of NRA who promised to his time that he will do anything to make sure Hillary won't win the election. The book shows us the dark side of the NRA which is now a dangerous organization that supports the corporation involved in the production and selling of guns.

Bernie Sanders was one of the politicians she always had to fight with because of the tragedies caused by arm. Sander tried several times to take down the Brady Bill act and was convinced that Hillary's purpose was to end gun manufacturing in the States. Her adversary,Donald Trump was on the other side of the story. He promised to allow guns in classrooms and tried to overturn all the efforts regarding the background check system that was imposed. That explains why the NRA offered their full support to Donald Trump's campaign.


Mothers of the Movement is a group of females who share the same story: one of their Afro American children was killed by a police officer or during a gun violence act. Their role is to raise awareness regarding the risk gun can impose. During her campaign, Hillary saw this as one of the defining things of her campaign. She met with the mothers of movement members several times and listened to their story. By now we know that the candidate was indeed a good listener and was very interested in hearing the people opinion. She was a fighter when it comes to achieving her goal such as the moment when she confronted the chief of NRA who was totally against her policies.

When it comes in contrasting her promises with the ones proposes with her adversary Donald Trump we will be able to see that the two of them are in the opposite direction. Their ideas regarding the risks imposed by gun owning is similar to looking at a page which is white and then at one which is black. Trump wanted to ensure that everyone could be eligible in owning a gun no matter the risk. Statistics point out that the United States has the highest rate of gun murder per 100,000 residents (3.61) a lot above all the other countries included in the study. Even so, Hillary was in a difficult position as the country is famous for gun manufacturing. Because of that finding a way to reduce the crime rates by gun and also ensuring that the gun economy won't be affected created the controversies which we were able to notice in these pages.

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