White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 4 - Chapter 3

As Beauty's dog, White Fang becomes a fiend. He is kept chained in a pen and is taunted often by Beauty. One day, another dog is put into the pen with White Fang, a large mastiff. White Fang fights quickly and aggressively, leaping around and slashing the mastiff many times. The mastiff is dragged from the cage by his owner. From then on, White Fang starts to look forward to fighting with other dogs. He is a prisoner, and his hate can only be set loose when another dog enters the pen. He is always the winner, even against three dogs or a wolf caught in the Wild.

In the fall, Beauty brings White Fang from Fort Yukon to Dawson. White Fang is now known as "The Fighting Wolf" for his accomplishments in fighting other dogs. They ride on a steamboat, and there are always men around the cage, looking in. White Fang hates them and snarls at them.

"They were his environment, these men, and they were moulding the clay of him into a more ferocious thing than had been intended by Nature. Nevertheless, Nature had given him plasticity. Where many another animal would have died or had its spirit broken, he adjusted himself and lived, and at no expense of the spirit." Part 4, Chapter 3, pg. 130

In Dawson, White Fang becomes an attraction, and people come to see the wild beast in the cage. He is not given any rest, and is kept in a rage to entertain the audiences. White Fang is quicker than any other dog, and more aggressive. Fewer people want their dogs to fight White Fang, because they know the outcome. The Indians capture wolves to fight him, and finally he is pitted against a lynx. White Fang must fight for his life against it, but in the end he is the victor, and there is no one left for him to fight. Everyone knows White Fang will always win. But in the spring Tim Keenan arrives with his bulldog, Cherokee.

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