White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 4 - Chapter 5

From the beginning, the taming of White Fang looks hopeless. Scott's friend Matt notices the harness marks on his chest, and sees that he has been tamed before. But this doesn't seem to matter. White Fang has been with them two weeks and is even wilder than when they first got him.

Matt approaches him with a club, and releases the chain around his neck. White Fang does not even know he is free. It has been months since he was let loose for anything besides a fight. He doesn't understand, and he walks to the corner of the cabin, keeping both Matt and Weedon Scott in his sight.

Scott throws him some meat, and he jumps out of the way of it. Stupidly, another of Scott's dogs, Major, goes for the meat. White Fang jumps at him, and bites at Major's throat. Matt goes to White Fang and kicks him, and receives a bite in the leg in return for it. It's also clear that Major is going to die from the injury he received. Scott says that they must kill White Fang, but Matt argues and convinces Scott that White Fang should live.

Scott walks up to White Fang, talking gently and slowly bring his hand down. White Fang starts to snarl and grow tense. He knows that some punishment is going to come. "He did not want to bite the hand, and he endured the peril of it until his instinct surged up in him, mastering him with its insatiable yearning for life." Part 4, Chapter 5, pg. 144

Matt goes for the rifle, insisting that White Fang is untamable and must be shot. When Matt reaches for the rifle, White Fang begins to growl and tense up. When Matt actually picks it up and aims it, White Fang quickly runs out of the way. Both Matt and Weedon Scott agree that White Fang is simply too intelligent to kill.

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