White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 5 - Chapter 1

White Fang can sense the coming danger, even though he doesn't know what it is. He cries outside the cabin door, and Weedon Scott and Matt can hear him. Weedon is leaving to go to California, and he can't take White Fang with him.

Scott boards the steamship with Matt and gets everything ready for his departure. As he is saying goodbye to Matt, and Matt is getting ready to go ashore, White Fang appears on the deck of the ship. Matt chases him, but he runs around the ship, easily slipping away. Scott, however, calls him, and White Fang walks right to him.

They had locked White Fang in the cabin, and they realize that he must have squeezed out of the window, despite the fact that is much too small for White Fang. He has cuts and bruises from the escape. Thinking quickly, Scott decides that he has no choice, he must take White Fang with him. They say goodbye to Matt, and depart for California on the steamboat.

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