White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 5 - Chapter 2

White Fang is overcome when they enter San Francisco. He did not realize that such amazing things existed: automobiles, buildings, electric cars. He sees how powerful the white men are. He follows closely behind Weedon Scott, knowing how dependent he is on Scott.

White Fang is placed in a baggage car and chained in the corner. He begins to guard his master's suitcases and will not allow anyone to touch them until Scott comes to retrieve them. Finally Scott arrives, and White Fang leaves the luggage car. He finds he is no longer in the city, but rather is surrounded by beautiful countryside.

A carriage is waiting as they exit the train. A woman, Scott's mother, greets Weedon, giving him a hug. Immediately White Fang suspects danger, and ferociously snarls and growls at her. He tells White Fang to lie down, and asks his mother to hug him again. With Scott yelling at him to stay down, White Fang cautiously accepts the embrace as a normal human interaction.

Weedon Scott and his mother now prepare to leave on the carriage, and all of the luggage is loaded on. For fifteen minutes White Fang runs behind the carriage, making sure that no harm comes to his master. After the ride is over, White Fang enters through a stone archway into the lands belonging to the Scott family.

He is immediately met by an angry sheep dog named Collie. Because the dog is female, he will not attack her; his instinct forbids it. However, she has no such instinctual barrier, and fears White Fang because she knows he comes from the Wild. He is a wolf. She springs upon him, biting his shoulder and not allowing him to go any further. Scott decides to let White Fang deal with Collie himself, and continues the ride. White Fang cannot follow, however, as Collie still won't allow him to pass. He finally just knocks her over. 

Running past Collie, he finally reaches the house. A new opponent attacks him, a deerhound named Dick, and White Fang is thrown from his feet. As White Fang is almost about to close on Dick's throat, Collie strikes at White Fang and he is again knocked off his feet. By this time, Scott is next to White Fang, holding him, and the dogs are called off by Weedon's father, Judge Scott.

As Weedon starts to enter the house, Scott's father suggests that White Fang and Dick stay outside to fight it out, and then they will become friends. Scott laughs, saying that White Fang will show his friendship by going to Dick's funeral once he has killed Dick. They decide that White Fang must come inside the house. White Fang enters the house, staying close to Scott and scouting all the time for danger that might attack his master.

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