White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 5 - Chapter 4

Months go by at the Sierra Vista, with lots of food and little work for White Fang. He remains separate from other dogs, though he knows the rules even better than others do. "The Wild still lingered in him and the wolf in him merely slept." Part 5, Chapter 4, pg. 183 

He never spends time with other dogs, and is treated with suspicion by them;, they are all afraid of him. Only one problem really exists in his life - Collie. She simply will not become friends with White Fang, and cannot forgive him for the death of the chickens.

White Fang misses the Northlands in a very vague, unsettled way, but it isn't much of a problem. Weedon Scott often wrestles with White Fang, playing at a fight. White Fang will not allow anyone else to take part in this. This is something reserved for his master. Scott also goes out on horseback often, and White Fang runs with the horse. This is one of his favorite duties. 

On one of the rides with Scott, White Fang sees a jackrabbit cause the horse to stumble and fall, giving his master a broken leg. His master tells him to run home, but White Fang doesn't want to desert his master. Scott commands him again, and he finally goes.

When White Fang arrives home, the children try to play with him, but he pushes them away. Judge Scott comments that one cannot trust a wolf. White Fang stands before them, growling, but the Judge just tells him to go lie down. He grabs at Alice's dress, trying to pull her, and is now the center of attention. He tries, but no sound comes out, and Judge Scott's wife is afraid that he is going mad. Finally, a bark bursts out of him, and Beth knows that something has happened to Weedon Scott. They follow White Fang to Scott, and from then on they trust White Fang.

As the second winter in the Southland approaches, White Fang finds that Collie is no longer vicious towards him, and there is playfulness in her nips. One day, she leads him off into the woods. White Fang knows he must ride with the master that afternoon, but instead goes with her. He runs with her as Kiche did with One Eye so long ago.

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