White Fang
Jack London
Contributed by Elene Blackwelder
Part 5 - Chapter 5

At this time, the papers are filled with news of an escaped convict, Jim Hall.

"He was a ferocious man. He had been ill-made in the making. He had not been born right, and he had not been helped any by the moulding he had received at the hands of society. The hands of society are harsh, and this man was a striking sample of its handiwork. He was a beast." Part 5, Chapter 5, pg. 189

The women of the Sierra Vista are filled with anxiety about this escape. Judge Scott dismisses their anxiety, but he is in more danger than anyone. He was the judge to sentence Jim Hall to prison. In court that day, Hall said he would get revenge on Judge Scott. White Fang is not supposed to sleep in the house, but every night, Alice lets White Fang in to sleep in the big hall and guard. In the morning, she lets him out before anyone gets up.

On one night, a stranger enters the house. White Fang does not make an uproar, but rather follows quietly, stalking the stranger. As the stranger starts up the stairs, White Fang attacks. Giving no warning, he lands on the man's back, burying his fangs into the back of the stranger's neck. They crash to the floor, and the whole house rises. There are gunshots, and breaking furniture and glass. Soon the commotion is done, and a gurgling is heard.

Weedon Scott turns on the light, and he and Judge Scott go down the stairs with revolvers. They find Jim Hall, his throat torn out. He is dead. They also find White Fang, totally beaten, barely able to growl as Scott pets him. The next morning the doctor arrives, and the news is bad. One leg is broken, and three ribs, one of which pierces his lung. Also, he was shot three times. The doctor says he has one chance in ten thousand.

White Fang hangs on, however. He is in plaster and bandages, unable to move. He dreams a lot. One nightmare is particularly terrible. He dreams that numbers of electric cars are descending on him. Finally, one day, the bandages are taken off, and he must try to walk. He gains the name "Blessed Wolf" from the household for his heroic deeds. Judge Scott agrees, saying that he is not a dog, but a wolf. Only a wolf could have performed such amazing deeds. As he walks again, he sees Collie and a litter of puppies. One puppy walks forward towards him, touching its nose to him. White Fang licks it on the nose. Everyone from the house cheers.

White Fang's weakness takes him over, and lies on the ground, letting all of the puppies climb over him and bask in the sun.

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