Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 1

In this Chapter Mr. Lockwood, an interested tenant visits Wuthering Heights.  Wuthering Heights is a countryside estate in Rural England, a place called Yorkshire. The landlord Heathcliff is a skinny, dark-haired ‘gypsy' dressed like a gentleman and mannerism. It is surprising that the Victorian norms and culture not extended to Mr. Lockwood. During Mr. Lockwood, visit dogs barked at him. Heathcliff commented be careful they are not kept as pets. A dog attacked Mr. Lockwood and instead of the host (Heathcliff) reprimanding the dog he comments, "The dogs do right to be vigilant." The dogs in Wuthering Heights were untrained. Wuthering Heights appears as a place for survival against evil and bad lack. When other dogs assembled to attack the stranger, Joseph and Zilla the servants assisted Mr. Lockwood. Later during their engagement, Heathcliff offered Mr. Lockwood wine to cool his nerves from the ‘dogs' event. After pleasantries Mr. Lockwood expressed the desire to revisit the next day, Heathcliff extended no invitation. Heathcliff was bad natured.


Wuthering denotes weather that is stormy. Wuthering Heights set is a Victorian age where property and social class traditions were respected. It was difficult to maintain the social classes, and many characters struggled. The property was valued much and passed on from one generation to another through male heirs. Heathcliff finds himself in a quagmire from the color of his skin, skinny stature, and his dressing. Dogs are viewed differently in some societies they are pets trained and treated with respect while other they wondered without purpose. How dogs are treated, differ from Wuthering Heights and Thrushcross Grange. In one community the dog is a friend and protector, while in another they are there and no one cares. Losing humanity is thus being like a dog. The servants are more human and loyal compared to the masters. Servants show pity while the masters are always judgmental. A person compared to a dog is an indication of worthlessness.

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