Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 10

Mr. Lockwood is still sick requiring bed rest and prods Mrs. Dean to narrate more information about Heathcliff and Cathy. Mr. Lockwood finds their stories intriguing and relaxing. He calls Heathcliff a hero and Cathy a heroine. Heathcliff visits Mr. Lockwood on learning of his illness and presents a gift to him. Mr. Lockwood comments on Heathcliff being charitable, to which Mrs. Dean wished he had the education to acquire the mannerisms of the upper class.

Edgar and Cathy's marriage was progressing well and peacefully. The peaceful marriage ended when Heathcliff came back. The primary conflict between Edgar and Heathcliff was the social class. Edgar could not believe that Cathy and Isabella could share a cup of tea with a low –life like Heathcliff. Cathy could not hide her happiness on Heathcliff's return on which Edgar commented, "Try to be glad without being absurd." Heathcliff return motivated in revenge on past mistreatment and violence meted on him by Hindley. Cathy became distracted by the return of Heathcliff that conflict with Edgar began. Cathy could not pretend anymore she felt humanity and God had forgiven her. Heathcliff rented in Wuthering Heights paying rent to Hindley.

Isabella falls in love with Heathcliff, who was not interested in love but more interested in acquiring property.  Cathy and Isabella fought because of Heathcliff attention. Heathcliff figured that he could use Isabella to own Thrushcross Grange. Mrs. Dean ended up appreciating Edgar for his kindness, trust and honorable status compared to Heathcliff.


The chapter introduces the transformation of Heathcliff after three years absence. He was wealthy, dressed well and had acquired the mannerism of the upper social class. The question one grapples with is Heathcliff came back a gentleman while Hindley came back with a wife and no sophistication promoted by education. Mrs. Dean advises Cathy not to praise a man in front of another because doing so would create conflict and eventually violence. Cathy was happy Heathcliff was back after running away. Cathy felt delighted that Edgar felt threatened. Isabella's crush on Heathcliff shows the other side of Cathy, and she has no permanent friends. Isabella and Cathy fought because of Heathcliff attention. Cathy is self-fish she was married to Edgar and still wants to control Heathcliff, a single unattached man.

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