Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 11

Mrs. Dean sees a ghost of Hindley as a child. She decides to follow the ghost to Wuthering Heights. The ghost is the son of Hindley, Hareton. Hareton hurls rocks to the stranger Mrs. Dean. He cannot remember that Mrs. Dean nursed him as a child. Heathcliff see's Mrs. Dean, who runs away back to Thrushcross. Thrushcross Grange Isabella and Cathy conflict because of Heathcliff. Cathy protest to Heathcliff open show of love to Isabella. Edgar and Heathcliff get involved in a confrontation. Edgar has the low opinion of Heathcliff and does not want any association. Edgar fights Heathcliff to get him out of the house. A commotion occurs, and Heathcliff is attacked and chokes.  Edgar demands that Cathy chooses between Edgar and Heathcliff. The Cathy pretends to be unwell because of the mistreatment of Heathcliff and Edgar locks himself in the study. Cathy is the master manipulator. The two talk through Mrs. Dean to each other. Mrs. Dean refuses to play ball with Cathy and reports to Edgar Cathy's intentions. Cathy refuses to eat in protest. Cathy is a manipulator imagining that not eating will catch Edgar’s attention.


 The chapter involves characters who have the double personality. Their temperaments are complicated. Cathy, Hindley, Heathcliff and Mrs. Dean have all complicated aspects. Edgar pushed Cathy to decide between Edgar and Heathcliff. Cathy could not because she was in love with Heathcliff and Edgar was married for convenience. The relationship between Edgar and Cathy lacked passion while Heathcliff and Cathy had desire making the double relationships complicated. Servants are loyal to their masters while the masters are judgmental to their servants. Mrs. Dean could not be trusted because his loyalty was to Edgar. Cathy changes and scorns Mrs. Dean for not respecting her social boundaries.

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