Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 12

Cathy has refused to eat, taking little portions in protest how Heathcliff treated. Master Edgar is locked in his study confused and wondering what to do. Mrs. Dean refuses the manipulative whims of Cathy. Mrs. Dean concludes there are no sensible souls in Thrushcross Grange. Cathy gets into a trance that takes her seven years back. Cathy remembers playing with Heathcliff in the moors. She blames Hindley for her marriage to a strange and separation from Heathcliff. Cathy remembers together with Heathcliff calling on ghosts at the graveyard. Cathy has crazy wishes when approached by Edgar after a long time she claims, "… cannot keep me away from home… my resting place." Cathy wishes death. Cathy's health seems to have deteriorated, and Master Edgar warns Mrs. Dean for keeping away information from him. Mrs. Dean is sent to fetch a Doctor Kenneth. On her way, Mrs. Dean saves Isabella's puppy hanged up a tree. She hears that Isabella and Heathcliff planned to elope. When they finally eloped Edgar disowned Isabella.


The excellent use of imagery and symbols to communicate events and emotions attached. Cathy always described as mad and obsessed with death. Love and obsession experienced breeds confusion interchangeably. Heathcliff is more concerned with revenge than seek peace and forgiveness. Heathcliff showed Hareton when he had an opportunity to revenge. Exposing dogs humanity. The violence and cruel treatment directed to dogs is inhumane. Mistreatment of dogs means that the people have lost their human nature. Edgar described as snobbish and more concerned with his social status that gives the reprieve to Heathcliff and creates a new relationship. Peoples concern for their needs and not of others is the reason there is always conflict. People want to belong and feel welcome.

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