Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 16

Cathy dies while giving birth to Catherine. Cathy leaves Edgar with no male heir as the tradition demands. Edgar mourns Cathy. Cathy was right about her future; she was going to die. Her corpse represented the angels making Mrs. Dean Claims, "No angels in heaven could be more beautiful."     Heathcliff was hiding in the garden when Mrs. Dean went to fetch him. Heathcliff stood still like a log. Mrs. Dean reached with the sad news. Heathcliff knocked his head on a tree of receiving the tragic news.  Heathcliff sneaked into the house to mourn Cathy.  Heathcliff Dark hair replaced Edgar's light hair in the ornament on her body. The hair exchange symbolizes Cathy’s return to her real lover and owner of her heart, Heathcliff.


The chapter discusses the themes of love, pity, and religion. Love has no social class when it is genuine as reflected by the characters that fall in love across social classes. Everyone can change for the better. Pride cannot blind God is a strong statement against Christian hypocrisy. Love cannot be forced, and it needs to be built on sincerity and not mischieve. Heathcliff did not love Isabella it was an opportunity to humiliate a member of a higher social class and also to humiliate Edgar for having taken Cathy away from him.

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