Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 17

Isabella is pregnant and escapes to Thrushcross with a knife wound inflicted by Heathcliff in rage. Heathcliff blamed God for Cathy's death claiming, he is a "senseless God." The reason for Isabella's escape to Thrushcross Grange starts with events earlier in the day. Hindley and Isabella are resting at the parlor. Heathcliff is out of the house. Hindley tries to enlist the help of Isabella to kill Heathcliff. Isabella refused to participate in the plan despite mistreatment by Heathcliff. Isabella strongly believed, "treachery and violence return treachery and violence."

Isabella mocked Heathcliff on the death of Cathy. Her sharp tongue urged Heathcliff to seek Cathy at the grave and, "die like the faithful dog." Hindley and Heathcliff fought until Hindley passed out. Heathcliff mourned Cathy filled with anguish for the loss. Isabella continued to mocking Heathcliff making him mad. Heathcliff attacked by a knife thrown in her direction.  Isabella ran to Thrushcross Grange.

Edgar became a hermit. Hindley died six months after Cathy burial. Hindley was considered a weaker man compared to Edgar. Both come from privileged homes and lost their wives. One remained God-fearing and the other lost faith in God and became more wasted.


There are differences as well as similarities between the two relationships. First, the similarities indicate both bonds to be violent. The relationships were abusive, and lastly, pain and affliction occurred in both sets of the association. The differences are Isabella, and Heathcliff relationship was one-sided it is Isabella who loved. Heathcliff weeps when emotionally aggrieved he is helpless. Hindley died a violent death after leading a violent and abusive life.

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