Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 23

Catherine and Mrs. Dean visit Wuthering Heights. Linton asks Catherine not to kiss him because a kiss makes him breathless. Heathcliff disliked the sloppiness of Linton. He commented, Linton, to be "painful, shuffling and worthless something." Linton is interested in marrying Catherine; to take care of him. An argument ensues about who caused the rift in the two families, and everyone defended their parents. Catherine shoves Linton from the chair, and Linton feigns hurt. Mrs. Dean intervenes and takes time making Linton comfortable on the seat.

On return to Thrushcross Grange, Mrs. Dean catches the fever and gets unwell for three weeks. Catherine takes care of both Mrs. Dean and Edgar during the day and sneaks out at night to take care of Linton in Wuthering Heights.


Relationships differ from person to person. Cathy relationship with Heathcliff was passionate and real. When they broke up, both were deeply hurt emotionally and physically. The relationship between Edgar and Cathy was more intellectual than romance. It was a conspiracy against the heart to neglect the one Cathy loved. Similarly, Catherine and Linton more intellectual marriage since there was no chemistry between them. The violent Heathcliff forced the relationship between Linton and Catherine. Linton was shy or inexperienced to refuse kisses from Catherine. Catherine appears brought up a social person, cultured and human.

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