Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 25

Edgar death threatens, and he is the force to consider the future of the Lintons and Catherine. Lintons was persistent is writing letters to Edgar asking for marriage with Catherine. Edgar discussed at length with Mrs. Dean that the surest way to ensure a comfortable and permanent residence in Thrushcross was through marriage to Linton who was a male heir to the property. Linton assured Edgar that a yearly wage had been set aside for Catherine and permission was granted. Edgar allowed Mrs. Dean to accompany Catherine to see Linton weekly at the Moors.


When the marriage became inevitable, Edgar was forced to change the will. He considered several options and agreed the most viable way of writing the will that still protected the property. The insistence of a male heir protects the property from being grabbed. Catherine selfless duty in nursing the sick shows a good heart. Catherine's humanity and humility are demonstrated in nursing of Mrs. Dean, Edgar, and Linton. Catherine is the face of good.

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