Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 27

Heathcliff has succeeded in piling pressure on Linton to marry Catherine. Heathcliff is interested in the inheritance knowing very well that Linton has no future. Mrs. Dean accompanies Catherine as usual when Linton becomes angry because Catherine got late. Heathcliff tricks Mrs. Dean and Catherine to visit Wuthering heights, pretending that Linton was too sick to walk.  He locks them up in Wuthering Heights forcing Catherine to spend a night with Linton in Zillah room. The next morning, Catherine is allowed to go back to see her father, Edgar. Mrs. Dean detained for a further five nights. Heathcliff was determined to get Catherine and Linton married before Edgar died. The purpose of the quick marriage was for inheritance.

Lintons fear of Heathcliff made him active otherwise he was a spoilt child. Linton loved his own company. Catherine is pursuer who chases her dream. She is critical and asks questions. She balances issues as appropriate.


Linton is morally weak and physically dying to initiate a reasonable marriage relationship. He was fearful of Heathcliff choosing to do his bidding. Catherine decides to fight for what he believes is right. Catherine prevents Hindley from shooting Heathcliff instead suffering injuries. Catherine is a strong woman who believes in doing the right thing irrespective of the circumstances. When forced into marriage in the period when his father Edgar was also sick, she chose to suffer in silence with humility.

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