Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 3

Zillah, the servant, gives Mr. Lockwood a candle and ushers him to a bedroom rarely used. In the bedroom once settled, Mr. Lockwood observes inscription of the name Catherine, Linton and Heathcliff. He manages to see Cathy's diary. Cathy's journal written in several old books. The memoir narrates Cathy's childhood together with Heathcliff and how they used to play in the moors. The record shows the bad blood between Hindley and Heathcliff. Cathy records her dislike for the Bible lessons forced on them by Joseph.

Mr. Lockwood falls asleep only to experience nightmares. Joseph in the dream offers Mr. Lockwood a staff to use as a weapon in case of any eventuality. Mr. Lockwood finds himself in a church where the pastor Jabez is boring making Mr. Lockwood slip into occasional naps. In the second dream, Mr. Lockwood sees's cold hands catching on the window pleading, "let me in" the voice of Catherine Linton. Mr. Lockwood found himself lying down with books pushed to the window. With the petrified scream Heathcliff and Zillah, the servant comes to his rescue. Heathcliff was not happy the guest offered Cathy's bedroom; he vowed to discipline the servant. Heathcliff referred to Cathy as my ‘little friend' and ‘a wicked little soul.' Mr. Lockwood was surprised when Heathcliff opened the window and pleaded with Cathy’s spirit to come in.

The next morning Mr. Lockwood decided to leave without taking breakfast on his journey on the snow back to Thrushcross Grange, wet and exhausted.


The characters and scenes are terrifying and horrifying. The first character has three names enlisting curiosity why? Cathy had Heathcliff, Linton, and Earnshaw besides her name. Cathy was a complicated character, manipulative, violent and judgmental.  The stories consist of difficult childhoods, lost loves and death. The characters were struggling with social classes and their happiness. She has no peace in life and death. The chapter shows that things change in life. The environment can change social status. Hareton is from a privileged background. He is turned into an illiterate servant and introduced to violence. He is reported to have beaten up Linton and carried him to his bedroom. The nightmare Mr. Lockwood suffers represents the thin line difference between good and evil, angels and demons and life and death. Dreaming being in church during a sermon and feeling sleepy indicate boredom only for the character exposed to ghosts that are disturbing and horrifying. The first encounter with ghosts is alarming.

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