Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 30

Mr. Lockwood rents Thrushcross from Heathcliff. Zillah and Mrs. Dean converse in low tones about the events at Wuthering Heights. Linton was unwell, and when Catherine came back, she rushed to check on him upstairs. In a panic she sought help in getting a doctor to see Linton, Heathcliff objected. Catherine struggled in nursing Linton until his demise. Zillah, the servant on seeing how tormented Catherine was encouraged the romance between Catherine and Hareton. Catherine was a bit sophisticated for the cousin servant Hareton. Heathcliff was the wicked man; he made Linton sign a will giving him the Thrushcross Grange property. In law, a minor could not transact, and thus the owner of the property was Catherine. Mr. Lockwood decided he was planning to vacate Thrushcross Grange and planned to meet Heathcliff.


The differences in the world are brought about by the social aspects of culture. When Catherine came back to see Linton, she forgot to greet Zillah, the servant and he took offense. The servants loved Catherine, and they knew she was good-hearted. In Thrushcross the servant helped her sneak out in exchange for books. The servants have a special relationship with their masters. Linton has already fulfilled his role in the set thus had to exit fast. Linton was no longer relevant to the narrative.

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