Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 32

Mr. Lockwood while on a hunting trip opts to visit Wuthering Heights to settle his rental commitment. When he approached, he found the gate open. The servant who received Mr. Lockwood could not converse much and talk of “Mistress” Dean. As he came closer to the house, he heard Hareton and Catherine conversing. Catherine was teaching Hareton how to read and write. The motivation and punishment model adopted a mistake a slap, and correct attempts were kisses from a beautiful lady, Catherine. Mr. Lockwood advised he could pay rent to Catherine or Mrs. Dean. Mr. Lockwood was surprised that Heathcliff died three months earlier. Catherine and Hareton transformed into speaking one mind, and it was Mrs. Deans wish that they get married. The relationship between Hareton and Catherine seem to have taken Heathcliff by surprise. Continuing with his plans were now worthless, he chased a mirage.


The society is changing, and their needs also change. In the past, people valued happiness, love, and openness. People have become impatient, and they don't care; they want "rights" through wrongs. The chapter brings out the aspect of truth and good always triumphs. Sleaze and deceit that people work on so hard only to realize it is vanity. Heathcliff realized he can't fight nature and one cannot force things in a certain way always with success.

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