Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 34

A strange illness seems to have consumed Heathcliff in his final days. He became restless, happy and unable to eat. Heathcliff becomes cheerful and bright, unlike his usual nature. His comments left people confused. He was heard commenting how his night was a nightmare, hellish while the day is like heaven. It appears Heathcliff had a vision of the end days. He behaved like a madman who would talk to himself, grab things in the air and keep own company. Joseph being superstitious recommended calling a church minister of which Heathcliff disagreed. Heathcliff was found dead in Cathy's childhood bedroom with the window open, and his body being rained on. Later there were reports that a young boy herding a lamb and two sheep were found crying at night having refused to join the Heathcliff and Cathy's ghosts.


Heathcliff's love was an obsession. Cathy is the only match that understood Heathcliff. Hareton and Catherine seemed uncertain. With the deaths, the spirit world may ignore the current people.

The spiritual and the moral dimension of being truthful is still a dilemma. Death to Heathcliff provided safety and peace according to the Heathcliff. What good people choose to do, have long-term repercussions?  When good people become silent in the face of injustice it only propagates violence. Unfairness and all forms of evil; are faced with good, humility, duty, and love.

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