Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 7

After five weeks in Thrushcross Grange Cathy was transformed into a lady acquiring the mannerism and dressing of the socialites. Heathcliff was ashamed and felt insulted when conversing with Cathy after her transformation. Heathcliff felt inadequate, poor and worthless. His confidence disappeared after the humiliation of being sent away. Cathy mocked Heathcliff as “dirty” and “unkempt” in appearance. Mrs. Dean offered to help Heathcliff dress better. Heathcliff resisted the offer. Afterward, Heathcliff accepted Mrs. Dean Offer to spruces up his image. Heathcliff requested, "Make me decent" plea to Mrs. Dean. Mrs. Dean encouraged Heathcliff to have courage, think he comes from a noble background would give him confidence. The Lintons invited to a party at Wuthering Heights on condition Heathcliff would not be present. Hindley and Edgar mocked Heathcliff regarding his looks, his hair, and skinny stature. Hindley fought Heathcliff and locked him up in his room. Cathy was distressed after the party that she climbed through the roof to join Heathcliff in his room. Heathcliff vowed to revenge even after being discouraged by Mrs.Dean that revenge is from God. Heathcliff was very vengeful commented, "God‘s won’t have the same satisfaction that I shall.”


The chapter demonstrates that sometimes irrespective of the effort you make one may suffer disappointment. It is essential to adopt a positive attitude to build a new lineage or story as advised by Mrs. Dean. Hindley represents an absolute decision on humiliating and degrading others making them feel less worthy. Life has ups and downs when he loses his wife he becomes uncontrollable and empty. Heathcliff could withstand degradation, violence, and abuses. The loss of the love of his life made him resolute in seeking revenge forgetting to live. The five weeks of transformation implies that Heathcliff now feared to converse with Cathy, trendy clothes put pressure on Heathcliff that he decided to leave. Heathcliff felt terrible every effort he made was found faulty, and worthless. Edgar would even laugh at the color of Heathcliff’s hair.

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