Wuthering Heights
Emily Brontë
Contributed by Karim Chandra
Chapter 9

Hindley became bitter and frustrated by the death of his wife, Frances Earnshaw. He turned to drinking and became violent. His behavior became irrational. There is an occasion that he threatened Mrs. Dean with a knife. In another event, he dropped the son Hareton that if we're not for Heathcliff fast reflex, the boy could be hurt.

Cathy became confused after spending some time at the Lintons. She pretended to consult Mrs. Dean on the best way to make marriage decision. Mrs. Dean skillfully instead of advising used questions to unpack her line of thought. Cathy was more interested in material and superficial issues like looks and wealth. Regarding Heathcliff dirtiness, lack of schooling and low social status, she blamed Hindley. Deep inside, she had small regard on Heathcliff. She said, "it would be degrading to marry Heathcliff," who happened to be eavesdropping.

Cathy truly loved Heathcliff, later that evening she went out in the rain trying to locate Heathcliff who was heartbroken. Cathy commented that her love for Heathcliff was, “eternal rock beneath" implying it was unshakable. Joseph's sermons misrepresented Christianity. In his talks, he compared the saints (Joseph) and the sinners (Hindley) which in a way was judgmental.  Cathy became frustrated with her inability to see Heathcliff. Cathy ended up marrying Edgar in Gimmerton Chapel. Mrs. Dean then joined the Linton's at Thrushcross Grange. Heathcliff surfaced three years later motivated by revenge.


The chapter introduces the good side of Heathcliff who accidentally saves Hareton. He has the opportunity to mentor and change Hareton perspective of life. The desire for revenge has blinded him that he always thinks breaths and talks violent revenge. Hindley behavior pushes Hareton away towards Heathcliff who represents new hope. Mrs. Dean, a loyal servant, is caught with a bit if dishonest breaking confidentiality when she was interviewing Cathy knowing well Heathcliff was eavesdropping. Cathy's plan to save Heathcliff by marrying Edgar is just a plan not communicated to Heathcliff. Secondly, in the Victorian times, husbands had a lot of control over their families. It is doubtful that Cathy would have impacted positively on Heathcliff by marrying Edgar. Mrs. Dean will always tell the truth irrespective what you have agreed.

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