You Are a Badass
Jen Sincero
Contributed by Micheal Celestin
Chapter 23-27

The method of decision-making is complex. It is this process that separates failures from successes. Making a decision and committing to that decision is an important aspect in the life of an individual. Nevertheless, there are many people who make decisions, but they fail to commit to their choice. It is incredibly important for people to realize that making a decision without committing to it is useless. Sincero says, "When you make a no-nonsense decision, you sign up fully and keep moving toward your goal, regardless of what’s flung in your path. And stuff will most definitely get flung, which is why making the decision is so crucial—this shit is not for sissies. The moment it gets hard or expensive or puts you at risk of looking like a moron, if you haven’t made the decision, you’ll quit.” She proceeds to say that, so often, we pretend we've made a decision when all we've really done is signed up to try until it gets too uncomfortable. Any person who wants to succeed cannot operate with these low standards.

Looking for money is and should be a priority for most successful people. Sincero says that money is currency and currency is an energy. Thus, it is important to work towards earning money. Sincero says that there is no shortcut in earning. She advises that money will come only if you are perfect at whatever you are doing; "When you up-level your idea of what's possible and decide to go for it really, you open yourself up to the means to accomplish it as well." It is only in this regard that your efforts will be appreciated, and money will be on the way. While there are some people, who seek to use shortcuts to get money. Sincero says that focus, determination, and excellence are the surest avenues to earning.

For there to be success, Sincero proclaims that, "Your faith in The Universe must be stronger than your fear of not getting what you want." Without faith, it is impossible to maintain focus, that will lead to disorientation and failure will soon knock on the door. However, the people who have faith never give up, even when circumstances appear to be working against them. The belief that their desire is possible is greater than the fear of failure. People who believe that there are opportunities available for them in life usually do not fail to achieve their goals. Sincero says that if there is one thing one needs not to lose, it is faith. “You have to keep the faith, always, even when your ass is on the line.” There is no substitute for faith, life has enough challenges and giving up your faith may present a new line of challenges that will almost certainly be unhelpful.

At the conclusion of the book, Sincero says that "nothing is impossible, the word itself says “I’m possible.” It is saddening that some people lose hope even before trying. Sincero sums up the book by giving advice “whatever you desire to do with your precious life—write jokes or rock out or start a business or learn to speak Greek or quit your job or raise a bunch of kids or fall in love or lose your flab or open orphanages around the world or direct movies or save dolphins or make millions or live in a canyon in a loincloth—believe that it’s possible. And that it’s available to you. And that you deserve to be/do/have it." It is the belief and faith in a vision that makes it possible for a man to wake up every morning and pursue his dream.


The twin issues of decision-making and strongly holding on to those decisions are critical to the success of any person. While decision making may be difficult at times, it is sticking to the decision and giving it an unwavering commitment that always proves to be more difficult. Sincero says that when you make a no-nonsense decision, you must show commitment and keep moving toward your goal, regardless of what’s thrown into your path. Quitting is not an option to those seeking success. However, to the weak, quitting becomes an option at any sight of a challenge. 

Sincero concludes her book by indicating that there is nothing is impossible. While the mind may perceive some things as undoable, or even impossible, the reality is that everything can be achieved. What makes things difficult is the fact that the mind has perceived them to be so.  A change of mindset and having a positive perception is incredibly important in helping to develop the right attitude. While successful people try to succeed in everything they are doing, failures will find excuses for their situations. In every difficult situation, there is a way. Thus, it is incredibly important for everyone to recognize that there are no impossibilities. Any perception of impossibilities is a simply a creation of the mind and does not reflect reality.

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