You Are a Badass
Jen Sincero
Contributed by Micheal Celestin

McCain (2017) provides a robust analysis of Sincero’s work, providing an in-depth examination of the ideas that Sincero is putting across. McCain says that there are some critical issues that Sincero presents which are incredibly important for the development of the society. The review says that "It’s easier to make up excuses, I have NO money, time, resources, I can’t because of my health, I wasn’t good enough for… blah blah blah… there’s plenty of excuses you can use. The best part about the journey is to challenge yourself to find a way and to keep pushing when roadblocks appear." McCain agrees with the opinion that there is no need to create excuses out of every difficult situation. The world is not prepared for individuals who find excuses for all the problems that they encounter.

Hiltz (2015) has provided an elaborate discussion of the books contribution to the development of society. Hiltz says that “You Are a Badass is technically a self-help book, offering advice on how to see your life through fresh eyes, find your passion, and live the life you want, but it’s so much more than that. She also explains why we get stuck in the ruts we do, grants us a spectacular insight into our relationship with (and fear of) money, and basically kicks all excuses to the curb. If you’re not left inspired to make changes in your life, then you didn’t pay attention to the book and should read it again.” Evidently, Hiltz, just like McCain says that one of the stronger ideas that the book presents is the discouragement of excuses. When people are faced with a wide range of challenges, they always look for excuses. Sincero views excuses as tools that are used by people who are failing. Successful people always look for opportunities out of every challenge.

In Review of "You Are a Badass" by Jen Sincero, Fico (2018) has described some of the most memorable and exciting issues that Sincero presented in the book. Fico says that the perception of what constitutes reality is one of the most important aspects that the book examines. Fico says that it is true that most of the challenges most people face result from the perception that they have of reality. Fico adds that "One of the things she said that has stuck with me is, “you get to choose how you perceive your reality. So why, when it comes to perceiving yourself, would you choose to see anything other than a super huge rock star of a creature?” This also gives a pretty good example of how she writes; she uses everyday language with a sense of humor that makes these huge questions seem so simple.” Fico says that it is the perception of people that defines the manner in which people behave.

Rachel (2017) says that while there are positive concepts in the book, she is critical about some of the statements and phrase that Sincero uses. The use of the word ‘fat’ mockingly to refer to people whom she thinks are unattractive and it appears to be very offensive. “By treating fatness the way Sincero does, she has essentially made it synonymous with being unsuccessful, unintelligent, and unambitious in life — holding up the already solid patriarchal and oppressive constructions of beauty and ‘health.'" However, Rachel appreciates that there are incredibly important aspects of the book that are incredibly useful to the development of people. She says, \"This book could certainly be a catalyst for positive change for the conventionally attractive, middle class, white women target group, and perhaps some outside of that group.”

Mossey (2018) says that the book opens a wide range of lessons that individuals can learn from. One of the most important lessons that Mossey derives is to ‘play the part to get the part’. "You Are a Badass reminds us that it’s important to dress, act, think, and socialize for the success that we are working to achieve right now, and not just when you finally achieve your goals. By playing the part, you’re raising your frequency of getting the part, because the universe will recognize that you’re open and ready for it, and therefore it will send opportunities your way.” The book is essential in helping individuals to create approaches that they can use to live in harmony with other people in pursuit of a common goal. Most importantly, people must be careful to make sure that they live within the frequency and standards that are in harmony with their desires.

Kellogg (2013) presents a detailed exploration of the book and says that it is incredibly important in helping to lift people from their situations of self-pity and help them to achieve their goals. When there is gloom and misery all around, Kellogg says that the book provides the foundation of encouragement for people to pick themselves up and do something to improve their lives. The review says that “We’re all born full of badassery. Life is the part where we (hopefully) learn to get out of our own ways and let our badassery take the helm.\" The most important thing is for individuals to realize that there is an opportunity for everyone. It is urging individuals to rise and claim their share in the world.

Four Minute Books (2017) provides a summary of some of the most important lessons that Sincero presents in the book. If your environment, your habits, your friends, even your family, don’t lift you up in your journey towards your ideal life, it’s time to make some changes.  Sincero says that having the thick skin to deal with friends teasing you or shooting down their tempting attempts to distract you is one thing. Making a conscious decision to actually get rid of some of the weights that are dragging you down is another. That’s tough. Most importantly, making decisions is not easy, but the decisions must be made if an individual wants to realize a meaning transformation in life. Wever (2016) also agrees that reading this book helps to transform habits and behaviors that have always led to the downfall of many people.

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